Wine, Wine Slushies, Sangria and Fun!

It was a great weekend, after a couple stressful/busy weeks with work and personal stuff for both of us my boyfriend and I were able to get away for the weekend to the Virginia wine country and it was perfect. I love wine, which I know I’ve mentioned more than once on this blog before (here and here!). We ended up stopping by four different wineries, three on Saturday and one on Sunday before we got back in the car to drive home.

My favorite kind of sign!

Despite a short rain (literally no longer than 5 minutes) on Saturday the weather was perfect. We started our day at the Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards after tasting their wines I decided their Viognier was my favorite and enjoyed a glass of that on their patio while we enjoyed the great scenery and the music of Billy Caldwell a local Virginia musician.


Once the music stopped and last call happened we made our way down the road to Hunters Run Wine Barn for more wine tasting and awesome bartenders, the best of the weekend.


then lastly ended our day at Dry Mill Vineyards for wine slushies!

Wine Slushy….It’s as good as it sounds!

We even made a friend a baby praying mantis. I’d never seen a baby one before, and it was easily the cutest thing we saw that day!


On Sunday we finished out our trip by visiting Casanel Vineyards which was beautiful, and the sangria wasn’t bad either, by which I mean it was delicious.


Now it’s back to the daily grind. But I’m excited to go for a run tonight, hopefully the weather stays nice for long enough!

6 thoughts on “Wine, Wine Slushies, Sangria and Fun!

  1. That baby mantis is adorable! 🙂
    I LOVE wine, wine tasting, and why have I never heard of wine slushies before?? YUM! I wonder if I could make those at home!


  2. My boyfriend and I frequent The Barnes and I also have a friend that works there as well! But I believe she was on vacation when you guys went. Their Viognier is the best. I get it every time I go! If you get a basket as well you get an assortmemt of snacks like apples, bread, pepperoni, chocolate, ect. Just make sure to ask the wine tender to pair the snacks with the wine your having!


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