Happy Monday!

I cannot believe it is already August! I feel like July just flew by. It’s been a busy time for my boyfriend and I recently. He is buying his first house soon and so it was a weekend of furniture shopping this weekend. We went so many places, and by the end of Sunday I was exhausted.

We found things we loved, things we hated, things we loved but he absolutely cannot afford ($10,000 couch anyone?) and sales people we never want to see again. We’ve got another planned weekend of furniture shopping coming up and then, probably more shopping after that, starting from scratch means he needs everything! It’s definitely fun piecing everything together though.

While shopping on Sunday my boyfriend got a phone call he had to take, so instead of awkwardly standing around until he finished I ran into Lucy. I’d never heard of this store before but I need some more running gear and I figured it didn’t hurt to look.

Well most everything in the store was out of my budget until I found the clearance section, plus they were having a sale of an additional 30% off clearance items! I managed to nab an electric blue tank top and a pair of running leggings that will be perfect for the fall weather coming up for just under $40. I’m excited to see how they work out for me. I’ll be trying out the tank top out soon for sure.

My new running outfit!
My new running outfit!

After shopping for two days straight, we decided to unwind on my boyfriend’s deck with a freshly grilled meal (that I neglected to photograph because I was starving) and a glass of wine for myself (or maybe 2). Then we finished the movie Ira & Abby which we had started the day before but couldn’t finish because I fell asleep.

It was a good movie, very funny and kind of different, which I enjoyed. I thought the ending was weird, and I didn’t really like it my boyfriend agreed, but overall, if you’re looking for something to watch it’s a solid option.

I really wish it weren’t Monday, and I’m secretly glad I have dinner plans with a friend tonight that means I get the day off from running, but I’ll be back at it tomorrow, I’m hoping to run at least 6 miles!

4 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Great new outfit! Oh how I love sales. I really need a new pair of tights that I love for this winter because I ripped a big hole in my other favorite pair biting the dust on a training run. 🙂 I hope you had a great run! And seriously how is it August already? This year just started.


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