Non Scale Victory Friday!

Did this week take forever for anyone else? I know it just seemed to drag for me! I am so ready for the weekend. My boyfriend and I have another weekend full of furniture shopping ahead of us. We’ll be checking out all the places we couldn’t get to last week. It’s fun, but exhausting for sure. On a bright side he got the house today! After a three month short sale he finally got the key to the house in his hand on Tuesday. It’s an exciting time!

Onto my non scale victories

  1. I ran three times this week! Three to four times a week tends to be my sweet spot with running. I may increase that frequency eventually but for now that’s where my body performs at its best.
  2. I ran 7.5 miles on Tuesday! That is the furthest I have ever run and I am so so proud of myself! I went into that run with the intention of pushing myself. I did, was successful and after was exhausted! More about this run on Monday, but until then check out my cool down with my new compression sleeves and Gilmore Girls.

    Awkward Luke hugs are my favorite :-)
    Awkward Luke hugs are my favorite 🙂
  3. I’ve started incorporating some cross training exercises in my routine. I downloaded, and am using, a few Runtastic apps on my phone (specifically situps, push ups and squats) I found out about  them on Run Salt Run. Plus I’ve been doing a lot more stretching. I actually am attributing this change to the reason I was able to run 7.5 miles. My legs and core are already feeling much stronger.

As always post your non scale victories below, I love reading them! I know I didn’t post as much this week. I was trying to incorporate more running into my routine and writing took a back seat. I promise to be back at it next week! Anyways, have a great weekend!

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