Non Scale Victory Friday + Dating Naked

Am I the only one that feels like this week was so long? I can’t believe that Monday was only four days ago. This has been a busy week with work, and my personal life with so much happening and changing. I am ready for the weekend! The fact it’s a three day weekend is just an added bonus!

Today’s non scale victory Friday will be a little different. There are definitely some victories, but also just some recaps on what happened this week.

  1. I went shopping with a friend of mine in Baltimore and while shopping a sales lady tried to figure out my size so she could pick out some clothes for me. She looked at me, paused, and said “I just can’t tell if you’re a small or a medium.” I definitely shrieked and then proceeded to yell “SHE THINKS I’M A SMALL!! DID YOU HEAR THAT?” I may or may not have completely freaked her out.
  2. I started grad school on Wednesday! After all the drama with how to pay for it, it’s all been resolved and I had my first class on Wednesday. I was definitely nervous going in, (I still am a little to be honest) but the first class wasn’t bad and I think it will be a positive thing for me.
  3. One of the things I was most nervous about with grad school is how it would affect my running and new healthy lifestyle. Well I started off strong. There are two hours between when I get off work and my class starts which is just enough time to go for a run around my work and shower. It wasn’t perfect but it was a start. I’m sure there will be a lot of shifting of my schedule and routine before I find the right balance, but that’s okay, the important thing is to work to find it.
  4. I had every intention of going to bed early on Wednesday night after my class, and then waking up going to work and then running on Thursday. Well I went to bed early with no problem, got a full eight hours, which was great, and then woke up with a headache and generally just feeling awful. I spent the whole of Thursday feeling kind of blah and ultimately decided to forgo running. I wish I could say I spent Thursday evening productively, but I instead did my laundry and ate dinner in front of the TV while watching Dating Naked (have you seen that show? It’s an absolute train wreck. But I couldn’t look away!) I never watch reality TV but I couldn’t resist last night.


That’s that! Share your Non-Scale Victories with me in the comments. Or you can tell me if you’ve ever heard of/watched Dating Naked. Please help me feel that I am not alone in killing a few brain cells with that show.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Non Scale Victory Friday + Dating Naked

  1. I watched naked dating a few weeks ago! I agree it’s a complete train wreck so you can’t look away! I actually heard on the radio that one of the girls is suing the show because they showed her naked?!?! I’m glad grad school is going well!!! I’m excited for you!


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