Friday Recap!

Has it been a crazy week for anyone else? I can’t believe it has taken this long to get to Friday, but boy am I glad it is Friday! I decided to not do Non-Scale Victory Friday this week since I did that on Monday instead. It’s been a weird week, no reason to change that today!

Since my accident on Thursday it feels like so much has happened. I’ve already started going car shopping (even though I have yet to hear back from my insurance company). It’s been hard at times, but I’ve tried to stay as positive as possible throughout this entire ordeal.

I wanted to go running a lot more than I did this week, to keep my mind off everything and help me destress but things really didn’t go as planned. I already wrote how I went running on Monday and then skipped Tuesday because I had some errands that needed to get done.

Wednesday I was excited and ready to go running after work and before my grad class. At 5 I went to the bathroom, changed into my running gear and then went back to my office to put on my running shoes. It was at that point I realized that I only packed one running shoe. The other was patiently waiting for me in my room at home. How convenient!

This was not the first time I had left something at home that I needed to work out. Last week I left my sports bra at home. Usually, I can make do. However, there isn’t much you can do with just one shoe. After I recovered from the disappointment, I opted for shopping, at least I got to do something enjoyable.

I didn’t go running last night either I needed to cook up a ton of vegetables that were about to go bad, so I did that instead. I made roasted carrots for the first time ever. They were delicious! I also finally applied my Jamberrys. So far I like them!


The nail design!
The nail design!
The running girl design is so cute!
The running girl design is so cute!

I’m not upset that I didn’t get out more than I usually do this week, but my legs are feeling so restless! It’s been so long since I took a break from running, and I can tell my body doesn’t like it. Luckily this weekend my boyfriend and I are planning to do be outside, and hopefully do some hiking, and I’ve already planned out my running schedule for next week!

Have a great weekend! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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