Non Scale Victory Friday!

I would normally be very excited that it’s Friday (because, Friday) but I, unfortunately, have to work tomorrow morning. On the bright side I’ll only be working a half day so the rest of my Saturday will be free! On to non-scale victory Friday!

1. I’m on day 12 of my Whole30 and so far everything is going great. According to the Whole30 timeline I should be experiencing boundless energy and lots of cravings. I don’t know about the boundless energy (I didn’t really experience a huge increase in energy last time and I don’t really expect to this time either) but the cravings thing is entirely accurate. The food I’m eating is delicious, don’t get me wrong, but what I wouldn’t give for a cupcake, or pie, or a cookie, or….okay I’ll stop. I may or may not have spent an hour looking at various dessert recipes on Pinterest last night.

2. My work pants are far too big! This is both a victory and a problem though. Victory because, YAY, my pants are too big. Problem because, I cannot afford new pants and other than the size my pants are in perfectly good condition. I’m going to be researching how to alter dress pants to make them smaller, aka call and ask my mom.

3. This comic is a thing that happened and made me laugh hysterically so I have to share for some Friday cheer!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, hopefully you don’t also have to work on Saturday like me. Don’t forget to share your non-scale victories in the comments below!

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