Whole 30 Hump Day!

It’s officially day 16 of my Whole 30!! I’m over the hump and I’m excited! I may or may not be having dreams on a regular basis that I’m either knowingly eating non compliant foods (HELLO cupcakes!) or that I’m eating things I think are compliant but actually have sugar in them. Luckily none of this has happened in real life, so I’m on a great trajectory to finish strong!


The thing about Whole 30 is that it’s super easy for me to maintain it during the week.I already cook all my meals anyways so it doesn’t add a huge amount of change to what I make or how often I cook. The weekends are tough though, and this weekend is going to prove a particular challenge. It’s Halloween weekend, and while my boyfriend and I are going to skip the bars we are going to go to some Halloween parties where I’m sure there will be candy and treats, and there will definitely be alcohol. I’m less worried about the alcohol and more worried about the food. Still my goal is to eat before hand so I won’t be tempted.

The next step is to figure out our couples costume for this year. I know, I know I’m down to the wire with the costume. I think I have something figured out but we’ll see if it comes to fruition. If I don’t I’m just going to be going as Elizabeth, which is SUPER original I know, but it may end up being what has to happen!

Have you figured out your Halloween costume yet? Or do you have any ideas for me?


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