Body Pumpin’!

I went to my first Body Pump class at my new gym this week and I’m going to my second tonight! If you couldn’t already tell, I loved it!

To say I was a little nervous to go back after so many years, was an understatement. Still after a minor snafu in my original plans to go on Saturday morning, I swallowed my nerves, and got my butt to the gym on Monday evening after work.

Despite having done Body Pump for a while I was a little rusty on what equipment I needed to pick up at the beginning of class. I had also convinced myself that it would have probably changed so much that what I remembered would be completely inaccurate (rational thoughts for the win!). Luckily while waiting in line before class I was in front of a very nice lady who immediately took me under her wing. In addition to making sure I got all the right equipment, she also let me know all the classes she enjoys taking and which instructors are her favorite. I now have a list of other classes I want to fit into my already busy schedule! With running, body pump, and adding my grad school classes soon, we’ll see how that goes.

Well, surprise, surprise!  Body pump hasn’t changed much from when I last went. I grabbed a bar with weights, some free weights, a mat, risers and a step. When I last took the class I had worked my way up to being able to do the routines with a max of 15 pounds on each side of the bar. I knew, however, that was not going to be realistic for my first time back in a long time, and I remembered how hard the class can be even if you have very light weights on. I stuck with five pounds on each side for the entire class.

I am so glad I did! Even with the five pounders it was tough, I’m still sore two days later! For those who don’t know body pump is a group fitness class that uses light to moderate weights with lots of repetitions. Each workout is about an hour long and is set to a playlist of music. Each track focuses on either the warm up, cool down or a specific body part.

Like I said at the beginning I loved the class, and this is definitely going to help with my cross training. Now I just need to incorporate some sort of Pilates or yoga into my schedule and I’ll be set!

4 thoughts on “Body Pumpin’!

  1. I know it’s cliche, but I’m sure the first step in the door was the hardest. Glad you liked the class and are getting into a groove with it!


  2. YESSSSS!!! I’m so happy to hear that you loved it so much!!!! Pump is the best. I have class bright and early in the morning and you got me all stoked to go!


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