What I Did This Weekend Easter Edition!

Is anyone else loving this recent weather as much as I am? Minus of course the rain we’re experiencing today, but hey, at least it’s not snow!

Despite all the homework and projects I have coming up I was able to enjoy some time outside this weekend and celebrate my favorite holiday, Easter, with my family!

Friday I got off work early and made another flower arrangement, this time for my parents. I like the way it turned out, maybe I should become a professional florist…


Friday night was Easter and then Saturday after class my boyfriend and I braved all the crazy crowds and went into DC to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossoms

Despite living near DC all my life I’ve never seen the cherry blossoms during the actual festival, I’ve always waited until the weekend after or later. I can understand why I waited now!

After midnight service on Saturday we celebrated Easter with my family on Sunday. My parents loved the flowers and we even got to take some nice Easter pictures outside. Did I mention I’m loving this weather?


I’ll be squeezing in some runs and maybe a body pump class this week in between classes and projects.

What did you do this weekend? Have you ever gone to the Cherry Blossom Festival?


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