Fall Weather and Hill Running

Monday I found out that summer is officially over and fall has begun when I woke up for my morning run at 6 am only to find that the sun was not out yet and it was a cool 45 degrees outside.

Let me repeat that, 45 degrees.

I know, that someone (probably most of you) are saying that’s not that bad, and it’s not bad running weather, but as we can see from this post from last year. I detest the cold, and any indication that this little corner of the earth is starting to move towards winter upsets me. I am a weird person that would prefer running in extremely hot temperatures over anything less than 50 degrees.

Ultimately, instead of taking advantage of waking up early successfully and going for the run anyways, I stayed on my couch wrapped in a blanket, because I did not want to go outside and risk being cold.

I am weak.

So I made up for it yesterday morning by waking up (a little bit later this time) seeing it was 50 degrees, which was only just bearable, and actually going for my run. Since I’m running the very hilly Baltimore half marathon in October I decided it was the perfect opportunity for some hill training.

I ran the third leg of the Baltimore relay last year so I’m aware of how hilly the course can be but my training really hasn’t reflected that. Unfortunately, where I run near my house is mostly all flat. My boyfriend’s house, however, has a lot of hills, and I’ve decided I really need to start taking full advantage of what he has while I’m at his place.

I found a steep, and particularly windy hill to run up and down and it was overall a great workout! I definitely think I’ll be returning to this hill before my half marathon in October for more hill intervals.

At the end of all my running. And yes, there was a fallen tree in the middle of the path, just made things more interesting.


Now, if only I could get my warm weather back…


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