My 3 Mile Run!

The semester is almost over! I am way too excited about this fact. After this week my projects will be submitted and after next week my finals will be completed and then I have over two weeks of no school before my summer class begins.

I cannot wait!


Last week I kept staying up too late to work on projects and utterly failed at getting out for a run. If I’m being honest though, this has happened every semester. I do a good job of maintaining my running schedule until the semester ends and work piles up and sleep starts to take a priority. So I’m not stressed about it.

I’m especially not stressed about it because. I RAN THREE MILES!!

Let me expand upon that. I ran three miles WITHOUT STOPPING!!

The proof!

This may not seem like a big deal, but this is huge.

Ever since I found out I have plantar fasciitis, I have been struggling to run a mile without stopping because of pain. Hell, I’ve been struggling with WALKING a mile without having any pain. This was despite physical therapy exercises and completely allowing my foot to rest for months.

I haven’t let it get me down though, and I’ve stopped focusing on my time and distance and am instead just happy to be out there moving.

I went running with a friend about a month ago and she managed to push me to run an entire mile without a break before my foot was screaming at me to stop, and at the time I was elated with just that.

As positive as I’ve been it has still been frustrating, because even though my foot won’t allow me to run any further, my body is wants to keep going. I’m not tired, I’m barely out of breath, and yet I can’t run any further, but positive self-talk is helping me get through it mentally.

Clearly it all paid off because when I hit 2.5 miles and realized my foot wasn’t hurting and I was going to be able to go the entire three miles without a break I was ready to jump for joy (but didn’t because we all know how that would have turned out)


It’s been over a year since it felt like an accomplishment, and in a way this almost feels like a bigger deal to me.

The point of all of this? The fact that I am way less nervous about running the Baltimore Half in October. I have been incredibly nervous about being able to run that race, despite it being so far away, and this has seriously given me renewed confidence.

Now it’s time to start thinking about Half-Marathon Training Plans…


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