Movement Streak Day 10

For a while it has felt as though my physical health has been on the same roller coaster ride that my emotional health has been. I mentioned that for the first month the thought of food made me sick and I lost a considerable amount of weight because I simply wasn’t eating enough. Sick of … Continue reading Movement Streak Day 10

Emotional Recovery

“I am just not as attracted to you as I could be” I heard the words exit his mouth and my reaction was what any sane person would expect. Incredulousness, anger, shock. It took me a moment to process what he said. and then I expressed those emotions. I told him I thought he was being … Continue reading Emotional Recovery

My 3 Mile Run!

The semester is almost over! I am way too excited about this fact. After this week my projects will be submitted and after next week my finals will be completed and then I have over two weeks of no school before my summer class begins. I cannot wait! via GIPHY Last week I kept staying … Continue reading My 3 Mile Run!


This post has been a long time coming. I haven’t written since I found out my foot wasn’t fractured, and I was instead dealing with plantar fasciitis. There were many reasons for the hiatus, the first being that I didn’t run for a couple months in order to fully heal, and so, I couldn’t figure … Continue reading I’m BACK!


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